Consortium of Self Help Group Approach Promoters (CoSAP) is an umbrella of SHG promoting organizations. Members, who adopt the SHG approach as a key tool for the empowerment of women, utilize this platform as a unifying mechanism for the implementation of the approach. This objective is realized through the provision of capacity building training to member organization and representing them in any policy level discussion that paves the ground for the proliferation of the approach.

Lideta Sub City, Woreda 10, African Union Area
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pdf0The Contribution of Self Help Groups for Livelihood Improvement of Women Living Under Extreme Poverty – Report on the joint research project of the Ethiopian Economics Association
pdf1Report on Assessment on SHG Federations – 20152015
pdf2Executive Summary Report: Evaluation Of Impact And Potential Of The KNH Supported SHG-APPROACH As Implemented in Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa, And Swaziland – 14 TH February to 27 March 2005
pdf3Baseline Situation Survey Report for the Women Self Help Groups as Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Strategy in selected districts of three regions in Ethiopia Project August 2013
pdf4Legal Framework Study With Respect To SHG Approach In Ethiopia Final Report