Consortium of Self Help Group Approach Promoters (CoSAP) is an umbrella of SHG promoting organizations. Members, who adopt the SHG approach as a key tool for the empowerment of women, utilize this platform as a unifying mechanism for the implementation of the approach. This objective is realized through the provision of capacity building training to member organization and representing them in any policy level discussion that paves the ground for the proliferation of the approach.

Lideta Sub City, Woreda 10, African Union Area


Our Vision

To see Self-help communities support each other for economic betterment and stand for social justice in Ethiopia. 


Coordinate and catalyze sustainable Self-help development through capacity enhancement, advocacy, research and partnerships. 

Our values

we will be guided by the following core values in our day today operations, internally & externally:

  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Learning
  • Respect social values

Our Strategic Goals

  •       Enable organizations to participate and positively contribute in the country’s sustainable development and poverty reduction programs;
  •          Strengthen the organizational capacity and create enabling environment organizations and women institutions;

  •          Create conducive environment for organizations to closely work and create partnership with other organizations to influence policy;

  •          Introduce and share best experiences with organizations, women groups, national and international development partners;

  •          Build the capacity of member organizations, women’s SHG institutions and grassroots level actors working on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment and;

  •       Facilitate linkages between organizations, SHG institutions and government bodies for dialogue, discussion and cooperation on pertinent issues that affect the lives of women.