Organizational Structure of CoSAP

The General Assembly is the highest governing body of CoSAP. The Board of Directors elected by the General closely provides guidance to the Secretariat on strategic and policy level issues. The day to day operations of CoSAP office is led by the Director, assisted by Program Coordination and Administration and Finance sections.

Current Board Members since re-registration of CoSAP with the new CSOs proclamation in 2019.


Mrs.Mulu Haile is the founder and executive director of Mission of Community Development Program (MCDP). MCDP is founding member of CoSAP and Mrs. Mulu is serving as CoSAP deputy chairperson. She has MA in Social Work with over thirty years of professional experience in the civil society sector in Ethiopia.


Mrs. Martha Nemera is the executive director of Women Empowerment in Action (WE-Action). WE-Action is member of CoSAP and promote the SHG approach in various parts. Mrs. Martha holds MA degree in Gender and is serving as CoSAP board member since 2019.


Mr.Mulugeta Gebru is the executive director of Jerusalem Children and Community Development Organization (JeCCDO). JeCCDO was a pioneer organization for initiating SHG approach implementation in Ethiopia. JeCCDO is a founding member of CoSAP and Mr Mulugeta is serving as CoSAP Board chairperson.


Mr.Tesfa Workneh is the executive direct of Society of Women and Aids African Ethiopia (SWAAE), which the founding member of CoSAP. Mr. Tesfa is serving as CoSAP Board member.


Mr.Dessisa Kabeta is a founding member of CoSAP and executive direct of Vision of Community Development Association (VoCDA). Mr. Mr.Dessisa is CoSAP Board member representing VoCDA.


Mr.Gelaye Hailu is the executive director of Facilitator for Change (FC). Mr.Gelaye holds BA degree in Management and currently serving in CoSAP Board.


Ms. Elsabeth Solomon,RPC.


CoSAP Staff Members


Mr. YOSEF AKALU is serving as Director of CoSAP since 2011. He has Master’s Degree in Development Economics and over ten years of hands on experience on the women’s Self Help Groups as project coordinator, program coordinator and running the office of CoSAP.


Mrs. EMEBET TIBEBU heads the Administration and Finance section of CoSAP. She has over 15 years of rich experience in financial planning, budget control, procurement, and human resource development for profit as well as non-profit development organizations. She builds the internal capacities of CoSAP member organizations in finance and human resource matters.


Ms. MAHIDER TULU joined CoSAP on April 2021 as Resource Mobilization Unit Head. She has Bachelor in Social Anthropology and Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology & Organizational Leadership with over six years working experience on civic engagement programs and resource mobilization activities.


Mr. DAREK YIBELTAL joined CoSAP on February 2020 as Project Coordinator. He has BA Degree in Sociology & Social Anthropology with over six years working experience on the SHG approach.



Mrs. BETEMARIAM GASHAW joined CoSAP as Program Assistance. She has a BA degree in Computer Science with rich experience in data collection tools development, analysis and evidence generation.


Ms. HAYMANOT MULUGETA works for COSAP as a Project Assistance. She has a BA degree in Sociology with experience in Child right. Haymanot is the Safe Guarding focal person of CoSAP.


Ms. SAMRAWIT TEKLE joined COSAP in March 2020 as Program Assistance. She has a BA degree and experiance in business training, business development service and capacity building activities.



Mrs. LIYOU ALENE has BA Degree in Accounting and working as an Accountant supporting the accounting, book keeping and meeting donor’s requirement by supporting CoSAP member organizations and other project/program staffs.


Mrs. MESERET TSEGAYE serves CoSAP as an office person for cleaning and messenger services. She has been a book witter of an SHG in her neighborhood and provides firsthand information to CoSAP staffs.