Code of conduct

CoSAP members code of conduct 2011e.c

Research and Assessments

The Contribution of Self Help Groups for Livelihood Improvement of Women Living Under Extreme Poverty – Report on the joint research project of the Ethiopian Economics Association

Report on Assessment on SHG Federations – 2015

Executive Summary Report: Evaluation Of Impact And Potential Of The KNH Supported SHG-APPROACH As Implemented in Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa, And Swaziland – 14 TH February to 27 March 2005

Baseline Situation Survey Report for the Women Self Help Groups as Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Strategy in selected districts of three regions in Ethiopia Project August 2013

Legal Framework Study With Respect To SHG Approach In Ethiopia Final Report


Child Protection Policy Final Document

Annual Reports

CoSAP Annual Report for 2008 g.c

CoSAP Annual Report for 2009 g.c

CoSAP Annual  Report for 2011g.c

CoSAP Annual Report for  2012 g.c

CoSAP Annual Report for  2014 g.c

COSAP Annual Report for  2015 g.c

CoSAP Annual Report for  2016 g.c

CoSAP Annual Report for  2017 g.c

CoSAP Annual Report for  2018 g.c

CoSAP Annual Report for 2019 g.c

CoSAP Annual Report for 2020 g.c

Training Material

The Self Help Group Approach Manual

A Handbook On Forming Self-Help Groups (SHGs)

A Manual for Facilitators on Children’s Groups Manual 1: Training the CLAs

CLA training manual

Training On CLA Formation and Management

Training On CLA Formation and Management

A Manual for Children’s Groups within the SHG Approach Manual 2 – For CG Sub-committee Members and Children in CGs

A Handbook On Forming Self Help Groups (SHGs)


Best Practice and Success Stories of Members of SHG 2018/2011

A Best Practice Document on Self Help Group Approach in Ethiopia 2013/2006